If you haven’t ever visited a chiropractor for care, you might be missing out on relief from some of the life’s most common ailments. Have you ever suffered from headaches? Or back pain? You probably know that chiropractic care can ease these problems, but there is also a host of other problems that can be reduced by answering the question where are the best chiropractors near me?

With the proliferation of technology in our modern world, chiropractic care has become increasingly important. We spend so much time leaning forward, looking at a screen – be it a tablet, computer, or phone – that our necks are bearing additional stress, misaligning our spines and leading to many complications. Chiropractors call this tendency “forward head posture,” and even if you don’t realize it, it may be diminishing your quality of life.

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To take a proactive approach to alleviate your pain and maintain proper health and posture, it is important to seek professional chiropractic care. Regular chiropractic care can ease and prevent certain injuries and illnesses, including:


Sciatica is a condition in which pain radiates along the sciatic nerve, which runs down your legs from your lower back. Sciatica can be a nuisance at best, and debilitating at Worst. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, and the pain from an irritation of this nerve can be similarly severe. Studies show 72% of patients found relief from chiropractic chair. Only 50% of patients showed improvement from medical interventions like cortisone shots. If you suffer from sciatica, visiting a chiropractor for a spinal adjustment can significantly improve your quality of life and reduce the amount of pain you experience.

Back and Neck Pain

Both the British Journal of Medicine and the National Institute of Health have reported that back and neck pain sufferers found greater improvement through chiropractic care than through traditional medical interventions. Chiropractic interventions resulted in shorter recovery times at a lower cost than medical treatment or physical therapy.

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches are one of the most common ailments afflicting modern Americans. Stress, poor posture, too much screen time, and injury can result in tension headaches or even migraines. There are over 200 articles cataloged by the National Institute of Health linking reduction of headache pain to chiropractic care. Spinal manipulation can ease headache pain by up to 49%; 22% of people found an almost complete reduction in pain.

Colic and ear infections in children

Parents of infants and young children can attest to the devastating impact of both colic and ear infections.

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Colic is a condition in which a baby cries inconsolably for three or more hours a day three or more days a week. It can be an exhausting and heart-breaking condition with no known cures. Ear infections tend to strike children who have short or flat eustachian tubes in their first two years of life. Ear infections lead to repeated antibiotic use and can damage hearing and language acquisition. But chiropractic care has a clinically proven positive impact on both these childhood conditions. This could be because the nerves controlling the stomach and brain are located near one another and can be soothed by spinal manipulation. Furthermore, massaging the neck can straighten and drain eustachian tubes, preventing the backup and infection of ear fluids.

Neurological diseases

Recent studies have revealed some exciting advances in the treatment of certain neurological disorders using chiropractic care. MRI images are being used to show how upper back adjustments by a chiropractor can diminish symptoms of patients suffering from such diseases as multiple sclerosis. The images indicate that patients diagnosed with brain plaguing illnesses (which includes MS or even Alzheimer’s) who have undergone chiropractic care have had an arresting of the formation of the plaques. In some cases, the plaque formation has even been reversed.

Blood pressure Suffering from high or low blood pressure leads to a sometimes lifelong dependence on pharmaceutical intervention. Because irregular blood pressure can be life-threatening, it is critical to fix the problem. And chiropractic care can achieve this – without medication. Some research indicates that even a single spinal adjustment can have a positive impact on blood pressure levels for up to six months, decreasing a person’s dependency on medication.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder, impacts more than 200,000 Americans per year. When the shoulder capsule thickens and tightens, mobility is lost. Treatment usually involves stretching and steroid injections, but both of these can be painful and take a lot of time to affect improvement on the joint. Recent clinical trials indicate that choosing chiropractic care instead of traditional medical interventions can more quickly improve shoulder mobility by up to 90%.

Athletic performance

Being treated by a chiropractor when you are participating in athletics can prevent injury, heal old injuries, and increase flexibility and mobility on the field or court. Chiropractic care can reduce inflammation-causing cytokines, boost the immune system, enhance lung function, ease muscular tension, and relieve stress. This can help an athlete feel more relaxed and at ease. Decreasing tension and increasing flexibility can also, in the long run, prevent injury.


Scoliosis, the sideways curvature of the spine in either a C or S shape, can cause spinal deformities if left untreated. Scoliosis sufferers often have to wear a brace for an extended period to straighten the spine as a child continues to grow. But incorporating chiropractic care can speed the recovery process and decrease the amount of time a child must spend in a back brace.

While Some people may feel Wary about receiving chiropractic care, there are so many benefits to seeking out a chiropractor. Chiropractors are licensed professionals who hold bachelor’s degrees and doctoral degrees. ADC (Doctor of Chiropractic) degree requires advanced study in science and anatomy as well as study under a licensed chiropractor to perfect adjustment techniques and patient care. Chiropractors must also all pass a challenging licensing exam before earning the right to treat patients on their own. They are qualified and knowledgeable and trained to help ease your most common – but also most frustrating ailments.

Do not underestimate the power of a quality spinal adjustment. From headaches to ear infections, your illnesses can be ameliorated or even eliminated by a chiropractor.