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Chiropractic care in Belton focus on the connection between the musculoskeletal structure and the body functions with special regards to the spinal area. Our nervous system is responsible for controlling the functions of other organs, muscles, and body systems. The nerves and the nerve roots are connected from the brain into a vast muscular bundle widely known as the spinal nerve. It travels along the spine and branch out in the spinal vertebrae. These vertebrae connect the various body parts and organs towards the spine. Any condition that pinch the nerves, such as trauma, pressure, or spinal misalignments, can cause disruption of the function of the nervous system.

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Belton Chiropractic – What to Expect on Your First Office Visit

Okay, so you've got some back pain. What's the first thing that pops into your mind? If you're like most people, you probably think about a visit to the chiropractor. But is chiropractic care actually safe?

Did you know that chiropractic manipulation of the neck is actually quite dangerous? There are certain plaque deposits and small blood clots that form naturally in your neck, and it is possible for chiropractic adjustments to loosen those. If they get released into the blood stream, these plaque deposits or blood clots can travel up to your brain and cause a stroke, serious disability, or even death.

In fact, a study conducted in Switzerland, showed that 1 in every 400,000 chiropractic patients suffer a stroke. That may not sound like much, but when you compare that to the overall average of stroke incidence (only 1 in 1,500,000) it is quite shocking. If you see a chiropractor, you may be nearly quadrupling your risk of a stroke. Is back pain relief worth that risk?

It is important to know as well that chiropractors are not medical doctors. Surprisingly a lot of people do not realize this. Chiropractors are trained in their own way, however, it is to understand that they do not have the same basic training and schooling that a medical doctor would have.

Many people may visit a chiropractor complaining of numbness or pain in their back, neck, or hips. The chiropractor examines the patient and many times will recommend that the patient be treated with chiropractic manipulation. However, often times the diagnosis from the chiropractor is completely wrong and might even overlook obvious conditions that even a first year medical or nursing student could diagnose.

This causes people that in some instances may be at risk for serious medical diseases to put off proper medical treatment or delay it until the condition worsens. Unfortunately, many people place the trust of their medical health in the hands of someone who is not a medical doctor.

This is incredibly dangerous. Spinal adjustments can help to correct certain problems, but you should always seek medical attention first from a medical doctor to rule out any serious cause of your symptoms. Discuss with your medical doctor if chiropractic care would benefit your situation, and if your doctor believes it would help, then you can seek the help of a chiropractor. That is, of course, if you ware willing to accept the risks of stroke and death discussed earlier.

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Chiropractors - What the Job Entails

Everyone knows denials and documentation requests reduce the value of your chiropractic claim and frustrate your billing department. To get paid on time and in full, be sure you avoid the following common errors in your chiropractic coding and billing:

1. Modifier Failures. Depending on which procedure code you use, a modifier may be appropriate. In Medicare, for example, you need to indicate whether the service represents Active Treatment (using the modifier -AT) or it will not be paid. Similarly, performing Manual Therapy (97140) on the same visit as an adjustment will also require a modifier to be present to signify that it was a separate and distinct service (Modifier -59).

2. Stagnant Adjustment Codes. Billing for a 5 region adjustment (98942) on every visit just because you are a full spine doctor will not sit well with most insurance companies. From the viewpoint of the insurance company, it is statistically improbable that every one of your patients needs an adjustment from top to bottom every visit.

3. Routine Use of Full Spine X-rays. This is another easy red flag for an insurance company to spot and it follows the same logic as the previous entry. If other practitioners all take x-rays in a wide variety of anatomical regions, but every one of your x-rays is a full spine series, then you suddenly stand out from the rest of the pack and are essentially inviting an auditor to investigate your billing and coding practices.

4. Billing for an E/M Code on a Daily Basis. Some shady chiropractic "coaches" and practice management gurus advise their clients to increase services through the repeated, routine (or even daily). Unfortunately, anyone with a knowledge of proper coding practices will tell you that this is not warranted and will just lead to big trouble when the insurance company catches on.

5. Billing for all New Patients With a High Level E/M Code. Certainly, high level E/M codes such as 99204 or 99205 reimburse the most. But there are probably few (if any, in certain chiropractic offices) times when an exam truly meets the criteria of these codes. To simply bill these codes in hopes that it will fly under the radar is foolish and misguided at the least and possibly fraudulent as well.

Hopefully, this "red flag list" will serve as a reminder of some of the poor practices that will get you audited by a third party payer. If you are a chiropractic office that is actually utilizing one of the above billing or coding practices in your office, let this article be a warning that your current procedures have you headed for trouble. My advice would be to correct any of the actions necessary immediately and/or get experienced help quickly. There are many ways to get paid for your services through proper chiropractic billing, coding and documentation; utilizing some of the above methods will only get you in trouble over time.


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